Talon Everhale

Human, Ranger (pre-gen)


Faction: The Emerald Enclave

Birthplace: Ten Towns (Icewind Dale)

Goals: Protect people from the perils of the wilderness, see more of civilization, and connect with her estranged father.

Quirks: Is very particular about her arrows (no plain, ordinary arrow will do), calls people “knucklehead” (after the trout), and has a photographic memory.

Quote: “I can slice the whiskers off a crag cat three hilltops away.”


Talon Everhale has spent her entire life in Icewind Dale, and she respects both its beauty and its savagery. In this way, she is very similar to a certain drow ranger who haunts Icewind Dale from time to time. Though skilled with the bow, Talon has not yet seen twenty winters, and her youth is an impediment to her reputation as a ranger and wilderness guide. Fearless and fiercely loyal to those she calls friends, Talon wants to follow in the footsteps of Drizzt Do’Urden — but first she must prove herself. The wilderness doesn’t frighten her, and although she has spent no time in cities, to her they are just a different kind of wilderness, with beasts as vicious as any found in the tundra wastes of Icewind Dale.

Talon is the first and only one of her parents’ children to be born alive, and Talon’s father has not spoken a word since she was born. Talon’s mother died in childbirth, and according to one nursemaid who witnessed the birth, Talon emerged from her mother’s womb with certain “deformities” that suggested demonic parentage or intervention. A mysterious visitor arrived soon thereafter, and the so-called deformities vanished overnight. Few people alive remember that night, and Talon has blossomed into a beautiful young woman with no hint of the untoward about her, except for the fact that she has dark dreams and murmurs Abyssal phrases in her sleep.

Talon often finds herself in the midst of chaos, and she has learned to live with it. Others are quick to anger around her, and animals are likewise unsettled by her presence. Recently, while on a hunt, she encountered a wandering druid named Delaan and his winter wolf companion. Delaan asked Talon to join the Emerald Enclave and help preserve balance in the world, then cautioned her to guard against the chaos within herself. As a devout follower of Mielikki, Talon shares the Emerald Enclave’s interest in preserving the natural order. One day she hopes to learn the truth behind Delaan’s words: that she is the inheritor of a curse that traces its origin back to Ascalhorn, later known as Hellgate Keep. The fiendish curse passes from mother to child generation after generation, snatching the souls of newborn boys and passing itself along to newborn girls. Unless she can find a way to break the curse, Talon might choose to never have children of her own. Other aspects of the curse might also manifest over time, and the secret to ending it lies buried in the lost dungeons of Hellgate Keep.

Talon Everhale

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