Actions in Combat

ATTACK: Using attack rules.

CAST A SPELL: Using magic rules.

DASH: Move your speed as an action in addition to your normal move.

DISENGAGE: Disengage as your action and your movement doesn’t provoke an opportunity attack.

DODGE: Imposes disadvantage on attackers, advantage on DEX saves.

HELP: Helped creature (within 5 feet if attacking) gets advantage.

HIDE: To hide, DEX (Stealth) check, opposed by passive WIS check of creature who might notice you, or active WIS check of creature actively searching for you. Attack while hiding gives advantage, usually reveals position.

READY: Sacrifice current action to have an automatic reaction to a specified triggering event.

SEARCH: Make a WIS (Perception) check or an INT (Investigation) check.

USE AN OBJECT: Objects which require special interaction such as a potion.

Actions in Combat

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