Key Mechanics

DIS/ADVANTAGE: For Advantage, roll 2d20, take better roll. For Disadvantage, take worse.

FRACTIONS: Round all fractions down.

INSPIRATION: The DM may award a player an inspiration bonus when they role-play their character, as defined by its personality traits, ideals, bonds and flaws.
Inspiration which grants advantage to one roll. You can never have more than one Inspiration. Players can give their Inspiration to others.

GROUP CHECKS: Everyone attempting the same action rolls. If at least half the group beats the DC, the effort succeeds.

PASSIVE CHECKS: 10 + Modifiers + Advantage (+5) or Disadvantage (-5).

CONTESTS: Both parties to the contest roll as normal, but success is compared to the opposing party’s roll rather than a DC number. If there is a tie, the situation remains unchanged (e.g., one attempting to force open a door, and the other attempting to force it open), or neither party succeed (both attempting to grab the same item).

FREE ACTIONS: Drawing a sword, pulling out a potion, etc. don’t require an action.

REACTIONS: Take max one reaction per round; you can’t take another one until the start of your next turn.

Key Mechanics

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