Weapon Rules

ARMOR PROFICIENCY: Wearing armor without proficiency prevents spellcasting, and results in disadvantage on ability checks, saving throws, and attack rolls that use STR or DEX.

ARMOR REQUIREMENTS: Heavy armors have a strength requirement, which if not met, results in a 10 foot speed penalty.

FINESSE WEAPONS: Choose either STR or DEX for the attack and damage rolls. Must use the same stat for both rolls.

WEAPONS WITH REACH PROPERTY: Add 5 feet to character’s melee attack range.

WEAPONS WITH THROWN PROPERTY: May use these for melee or ranged attacks. Both ranged and melee use same abilities.

WEAPONS WITH VERSATILE PROPERTY: Can be used one or two-handed. The number in parentheses indicates two-handed attack damage.

SILVERING A WEAPON: Costs 100gp per weapon or 10 pieces of ammunition. Provides bonus damage to creatures with resistance to or immunity from non-magic weapons.

RECOVERING AMMUNITION: After battles, you can recover ½ of your expended ammunition.

Weapon Rules

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